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How to choose a personal trainer

It may be necessary for you to clarify your own purpose for choosing a personal trainer, whether it is for weight loss, sports, or conditioning. In addition, as a prerequisite, you should be aware that training for weight loss is not the same as training for sports. Even the same doctor. A dentist and a dermatologist are completely different.

If you are looking for a personal trainer to improve your performance in sports or rehabilitation, it may not matter, but what if you want to lose weight and your personal trainer has a lot of body fat? If the trainer's body is fat, even if he or she can guide you, your weight loss may not be successful. If you can't even get your own body in shape, how can you get someone else in shape?

Hint to find your Personal Trainer

What Loose Weight Goal We Personal Trainer believe

It is no exaggeration to say that losing weight rapidly in a short period of time is paying a lot of money and making your body prone to rebounding. The ideal weight that you can lose in a month is said to be 5% of your body weight. Our personal trainers at ShapesGirl believe that the goal of weight loss is to help you lose weight beautifully and make your body less prone to rebounding.

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Personal Trainer's Voice

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Believe yourself and trust ShapesGirl personal trainers. Are you satisfied with exercise that doesn't change your body? If you are looking for a simple but effective way to change your body, why don't you start exercising?

I know you love you!

But LOVE yourself more💕

Would you like to start 30days challenge or 70days challenge?

Or you just need healthy habit?

We only do weight training for fashion.


We personal trainers also do the same kind of training offered at ShapesGirl twice a week.

Not only do they maintain their posture and proper body fat percentage, but they also feel less tired!

Please try this program that all of our personal trainers feel and recommend.


Personal training is not the same everywhere. This is because personal trainers have their own specialties. It is good to use personal training for various purposes such as sports, rehabilitation, or just to be with you. 

There are many people who come to me for help with their problems: "I've been going to the gym or yoga to lose weight, but I haven't seen any change in years. In order to create beautiful proportions, a proven body makeover method that properly considers the female body is necessary. It also involves correct posture and lifestyle for efficient results.

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If you are just going to the gym or yoga to lose weight, it is important to use a body makeover method that suits your body, Cicetrain, to achieve the proportions you are aiming for. This Cisetrain is not only for creating a good style, but also for raising your basic metabolism and making your body less likely to gain weight.

ShapesGirl's female body makeover trainers will work with you to reach your goal in a friendly and courteous manner.

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